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Monday, September 28, 2015

Why nurses should be thankful that The View insulted nurses.

The View, inadvertently, has given nurses across the country a platform to share what is that nurses do and how they feel about nursing. Every day we go quietly about our business taking care of patients as if they were our own family members. It is high time the public got an education about what we as nurses do, how dedicated we are to our profession and how important we are to their health. If the View stars had not made their insulting remarks, Miss Colorado's monologue would have faded away.  It is because of those careless remarks, millions more watched her performance and were treated to a wonderful example of  what it means to do the work of nursing: caring. Not only that, nurses rose up to support one of their own, they found their voice to express what it means to be a nurse. I have never been prouder to be a nurse than I am now. Let us hope this camaraderie continues and spills over into treating each other better. Just as we did not stand for anyone to diminish one of our own, we must not allow lateral violence and incivility among our ranks.  Now that we know others are listening and are interested in what we have to say, what should we speak up about next? Safe staffing, creating a better work environment ? What do you think?

I was happy to find this answer to an interview question on the The Mighty Nurse

Mighty Nurse: If you could say one thing to the women on ‘The View’ what would you say? 
Kelley: I would say thank you. They have unknowingly banded an army of nurses together, given new life to our profession, and provided an opportunity to educate the world on the importance and necessity of each role within the healthcare team

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